The Scientific and Sociological Research Method

The Scientific and Sociological Research Method In a post of between 150 and 250 words, respond to the following discussion:

The Scientific and Sociological Research Method
The Scientific and Sociological Research Method

Consider the material in the Topic 2 Lesson Presentation, along with the sections from your text entitled “Conducting Research” (pp. 25 – 36).

First, briefly discuss the purpose of sociological research.

The Scientific and Sociological Research Method

Now, develop your own hypothesis about some aspect of sociology that is plausible, legal, and testable.

What is your independent variable?

What is your dependent variable?

Which method of collecting data would work best for testing your theory?

How would you go about testing your hypothesis in a scientific and ethical way? Please ensure that your experiment is something that would be approved by an Institutional Review Board (IRB).

Sociological Research


Institution of Affiliation

The Scientific and Sociological Research Method

Sociological research plays a vital role in investigating and providing possible solutions to societal problems towards achieving a consensus. Sociological perspectives, therefore, have provided reliable aid in sociological research. Conducting sociological research aims at giving a novice on how society should handle emergent issues contrary to the norms of society.

In a nutshell, the primary purpose of scientific research in sociology is to shed some light on a given problem that has roots on the cultural structure of the society.

The Scientific and Sociological Research Method

Teenagers in society who become parents at an early age tend to be economically lower in terms of statuses. Parents in this hypothesis refer to all teenagers with children at an age not accorded by society as the right age of siring. The independent variable, in this case, is the economic status of the teenagers in subsequent years whereas our dependent variable is the pregnancy rates in the society. With this at hand, scientific research is ready for conducting within society and our relevant tools will be on questionnaires as a method of data collection. Together with interviews then, questionnaires will facilitate data collection used in analyzing this societal problem with accuracy, which makes the method a reliable source of information.

The Scientific and Sociological Research Method

From the data analysis collected, many respondents from the society associated high economic status with good morals which included pregnancy avoidance. This hypothesis of most teenagers in the society ending up being patients of low economic status in our research is tested when our respondents depicted poor living standards as a consequence of unwanted pregnancies. Over 70% of respondents living below the poverty line with teenage pregnancies claimed to have had misplaced priorities in the past.

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