The Sea Floor Movie Review Assignment Paper

The Sea Floor Movie Review
          The Sea Floor Movie Review

The Sea Floor Movie Review

Instructions: Please go to the website:

Once there, scroll down and click on the “VoD” next to the title “The Sea Floor”. The video will start automatically. Please answer the questions below as you watch the film.

1.) Oceans cover _____ % of the earth’s surface.

2.) What type of rock is the ocean floor made of?

3.) What is the difference between the continental shelf, slope and rise?

4.) Where does the sediment that makes up the continental rise come from?

5.) What is an abyssal plain?

6.) Why does rock get older as you move away from a mid-ocean ridge?

7.) Scientists know that new lithosphere is constantly being created at the mid-ocean ridges. However, the Earth is not getting larger in size. This means that lithosphere is getting recycled elsewhere. Where is the older lithosphere going?

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