The Social Politics of Food Essay Paper

The Social Politics of Food
The Social Politics of Food

The Social Politics of Food

Essay Question: what role do food producers play in the rising levels of obesity.
All essays must be printed or typed, lines spaced double or space-and-a-half, leaving a 2.5cm (one inch) margin all round, in a font no smaller than the one on this page, and should not exceed 2,000 words or 7 pages of A4. You must reference your essays properly, preferably using the Harvard style ? i.e., Author (year): page number in the text, full reference in bibliography at the end. Your bibliography should contain all items cited in the text. Please remember to
check your spelling. Lapses of spelling and grammar will cost you marks.

Recent years has seen a rise in obesity across western societies, so much so that it has been termed an epidemic by the World Health Organisation, with
obesity among children a particular concern. Obesity is associated with poor health outcomes, particularly in relation to cancer, heart disease and Type II
diabetes. In this session we explore the complex of factors that underlie this growing problem. We also examine critiques of the way obesity is presented in
modern culture and the political role of these.


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