The Systems Input and Output Design Paper

The Systems Input and Output Design Paper Read and follow instructions carefully read and follow the scoring guide at the bottom of the page all diagrams and GUI needed to be done correctly.

The Systems Input and Output Design Paper
The Systems Input and Output Design Paper

Input and Output Design
For this component, you will complete the following:
• Identify the input design.
• Determine and explain the system inputs and review logical requirements.
• Select an appropriate graphical user interface (GUI) controls.
• Design, validate, and test inputs.
• If needed, design a source document.
• Identify output design.
• Determine and explain the system outputs and review logical requirements.
• Determine the physical input and output requirements for your subsystem.
• Determine the types of reports needed.
• Design the reports.
Your completed assignment should include the following:
• Identify and document the set of required system inputs and outputs needed to satisfy the logical requirements of your subsystem.
• Demonstrate the ability to thoroughly validate and test the identified system inputs and system outputs.
• Successfully apply appropriate programming constructs to a predesigned prototype.
• Construct a working application based on a previously developed design.
• Write a detailed and accurate analysis of the input and output design for your chosen subsystem providing appropriate rationale for its design and implementation.

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