The Use and Abuse of Technology and Media

The Use and Abuse of Technology and Media
The Use and Abuse of Technology and Media

The Use and Abuse of Technology and Media

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Paper : Presenting Proposals: The Problem/Solution Argument The uses and abuses of technology and media—from smart phones to social networks—seem to be on everyone’s mind. Write a proposal argument about some pressing dilemma caused by the digital age that is changing (ruining?) our lives. The majority of the paper should focus on the specific solutions you propose to solve the problem.You might want to explain how to bring traditional instructors into the digital age or establish etiquette for people who walk in traffic using handheld electronic devices. Or maybe you want to keep parents off of social networks. Or maybe you have a great idea for separating professional and private lives online.



“The Use and Abuse of Technology and Media”

One powerful dynamic that is shaping our social, intellectual, and moral spheres is the Internet. The internet technology resulted to social media, whereby millions of people interact, gather, and share information or experiences on various subjects. Social media has managed to attract many users within just a very short period. Although the use of social media has some benefits, it has also created room for abuse of technology. For example, with the availability of technology and social media, under age individuals have been exposed to disruptive contents that affect their psychology and eventually their whole lives. This paper champions the thesis that technology and media use also results to abuses that can ruin the lives of many people.

Most social media websites do not take precautions to make sure young individuals are protected (Macafee and J.J 579). Therefore, without these precautions, any visitor is able to connect and take part on the interactions. Young people are not well developed, and their judgments may still be crowded. Therefore, they form the best prey for criminals who are look to exploit people on the internet. This is where you find that individuals over share their personal information, share nude photos, and even get to view nude photos of other without expecting to(Macafee and J.J 581).

To ensure that social media and technology are not abused, the websites should take steps to ensure only people of the right age can view its content. This can be done by ensuring that the process of verification of age is strict. It should mimic the steps taken by online banking websites, whereby an individual is expected to provide a scanned valid identification, which is first approved before being able to view the content. Parents should also make it their responsibility to ensure children do not have access to such sites by always monitoring their web activity.

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