Theoretical Perspective Qualitative Research Paper

Theoretical Perspective Qualitative Research Paper sections and instructions are outlined below:

Theoretical Perspective Qualitative Research Paper
Theoretical Perspective Qualitative Research Paper

* Introduction fully addresses background information on the research topic. Here you should discuss motivations for researching the topic. Includes a rationale for the study, this is the significance of the problem and purpose statement, including research question(s). 10 points

Theoretical Perspective Qualitative Research Paper

* Literature review: Overview of the relevant literature which leads to and supports well-defined research question(s). This section can be developed by re-organizing the annotated bibliography in literature review format. 10 points

* Theoretical perspective(s) guiding principles and concepts through which exploration is undertaken. 10 points

* Method: Detailed description of how the study will be carried out including coding sheet, themes, analysis of content (artifacts and documents), the procedure of study, interviews coding, operational definitions, etc. 20 points

* Analysis: A detailed assessment of the results of the study and its implications in relation to the research question(s).

20 points

Theoretical Perspective Qualitative Research Paper

* Discussion: Clearly stating how the study’s exploration contributes to the body of scholarship on the topic and theoretical perspective)s). Limitations of the study are addressed and recommendations for future research are discussed in a meaningful, persuasive way. 20 points

* Paper must follow English standard composition. Proofread for spelling, grammar, and punctuation before submitting. 10 points

The paper must follow APA style. This research should be more than 10 pages in length (not including title page, abstract page, references’ page, appendices). Paper with fewer than 10 pages and no relevant bibliography will not be graded.

Theoretical Perspective Qualitative Research Paper and My Notes

Introduction: motivation of the topic, leading to what would be my research question. Significant of the problem, convinced my reader why it is important. Include my research question. Add the abstract

Literature review: It is what comes from my annotated bibliography. Summary and analysis, Find the sources and see if there

are some similar or not relevant to the story at all.

Theoretical perspective: Find my theory. (Narrative mythology)

Analysis: The results, after looking at the articles and my topic.

Discussion: How the exploration contributes

Method: The questions guide I have to add it

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