Theories of Media Studies Research Assignment

Theories of Media Studies
Theories of Media Studies

Theories of Media Studies

This class is a 2nd year communication and media course. It is 2160 Theories of Media Studies.

We talked about making meanings, appealing to emotions, Implementation of Propaganda Devices, Propaganda and the mass, manipulation of the masses, Drudge Report, and the Maga hat controversy.

Based on your choice, you should write a 6-page long assignment analyzing one of the
current issues in the media that the course has also dealt with. Choose an event or
case that matters to you and possibly made headlines or led to a public debate.
Examine every possible aspect that may have a bearing not only on the case in question, but especially the presumptive contradiction between media theories and media practice that the issue has raised and typifies. Beside a short introduction of the
chosen case itself, elaborate and analyze both the supporting facts as well as the contrasting or contradictory claims by using at least ten reliable and independent sources. These should justify your final conclusion arrived at through the method of
comparing different approaches and points of view; the approach will also allow you to present the full characteristics and idiosyncrasies of the chosen topic according to the media theories the course has dealt with.
Put special emphasis on the possible dilemmas, which are likely to typify the media organization involved and the case itself. You should apply not a descriptive but an analytical focus. In the essay (Introduction, Main Body, Conclusion format), you are also required to examine the interplay of all variables regarding the chosen media outlet associated with the chosen topic and the applicable media theory in order to provide as complete an understanding of an event or situation and the corresponding media theory in the given media organization as possible.

In cases of loss, theft, disappearance, dispute over authorship, or any circumstances which may arise, it will be your exclusive responsibility to produce the original document.

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