Therapy Compare and contrast paper

Therapy Compare and contrast paper
Therapy Compare and contrast paper

Therapy Compare and contrast paper

Objective: Students will compare and contrast two therapies that we have studied or discussed as it relates to counseling children. This assignment will strengthen students’ knowledge of therapies used in counseling children. Your paper MUST focus on using therapies in counseling children. Students may select to use the point-by-point method or the block-by-block method in construction of paper (attached).

1. Assignment must have a cover page (centered). The cover page must include: name, date, course number and title, assignment name, and university.

2. Assignment should be written in APA format, Times New Roman, 12-font, double-spaced, style (no spacing). Assignment must be a minimal of 5 pages.

3. Compare and contrast two of the following therapies used in counseling children:
a. Behavioral Therapy
b. Reality Therapy
c. Brief Therapy
d. Psychoanalytic Therapy
e. Person-Centered Therapy
f. Gestalt Therapy
g. Individual Psychology Therapy
h. Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy
i. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
j. Transactional Analysis Therapy
k. Family Therapy
l. Play Therapy

4. Students should have a minimal of 4 references for the paper. Please visit JSU website for published journal articles The references should appear at the end of the paper on a sheet by itself. Your articles should be uploaded to Canvas.

5. Read the information on Writing a Comparison/Contrast Essay. Please use this as a guide to structure your paper. This is an attachment.

6. Paper should follow APA guidelines. This link will help you to document accurate

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