TiVo Case Study Assignment Paper

TiVo Case Study
TiVo Case Study

TiVo Case Study

Read the case study and answer these questions .

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1. According to Keast, “there is a mystery in the sharp contrast between the inertia of prospects
and the evangelical zeal of TiVo users.” As an emerging expert in consumer behavior how would
you tackle that mystery? What do you think could be going on? Beyond your pet hypothesis, try to
be creative and list a large number of conflicting hypotheses by taking multiple points of view. What
might “evangelists” mention as a cause of their failure to sell TiVo to their friends? What might a
“couch potato” say about his reluctance to buy TiVo? What would you expect a top executive at NBC
to say about the situation? What explanation would the founder of TiVo love to hear? Hate to hear?

2. Now look at the data in the case exhibits. What hypotheses get supported, what hypotheses
get discounted? What other insight(s) do you directly derive from the data summarized in the text
and presented in the exhibits that might help to guide the growth of TiVo?

3. TiVo is a new technological company and the management’s approach to research and
insight has gradually evolved over time. What have been the different stages in their exploratory
journey? What conclusion is this journey converging to? If you could time-travel to the early hours
of the company, what would your advice to Keast be in terms of the research they should be
conducting (the type of insight they should be looking for) at the outset for a more effective launch?

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