Tourist Package for a Couple Essay Assignment

Tourist Package for a Couple
    Tourist Package for a Couple

Tourist Package for a Couple

“While marketing is important, recreation, leisure and tourism industries require more planning, management, and policies which transcend the concerns of marketers”. As a manager of an imaginary leisure and tourism company, critically examine the relevance of this statement in the light of development of a tourist package for a couple who intend to have their honey moon in the Caribbean. (In your discussion, identify a romantic tourist attraction that will be suitable for the couple, plan for their domestic or international travel arrangements, boarding and lodging, a range of activities, services and entertainments, safety and security precautions, health information, cost outlay and financial resource planning for their trip and stay at the destination.

The following structure and guidelines are required:

i) An overview of the topic (theme), noting the emergence of the issue, extent or
severity in a particular context (eg country). In other words, in this section, you are
defining and describing the issue and briefly introducing the major implications.

ii) STATEMENT OF AIM: As part of the introduction, state what you are setting out
to accomplish in your paper, in one sentence. Pay attention to the words you use. For
example, if you are going to “analyze and evaluate” an issue, a descriptive essay will
not fulfill the stated intentions.

i) Describe and assess the main issues noting a) major components, trends and
relationships and b) pertinent aspects of the socio-economic, political,
cultural, regulatory, biophysical environments etc.
ii) Present statistical evidence to illustrate the major components, trends and
relationships. All illustrations (tables, maps, graphs) must be referred to in the text.
At least 2 illustrations are required.

i) Discuss aspects of these issues that are related to your topic (eg. economic,
environmental, marketing, transportation, historical, religious, romantic, regulation,
safety, security, health, conflicts, planning, management etc.). Discuss these issues
in relation to the roles and responsibilities of individuals, partners, organizations,
businesses, communities, government agencies etc.). The issues can be analyzed
at any level (scale) of your choice (eg individual, household, local, community,
national, international or global levels). Evaluate processes, policies, initiatives, management approaches, agreements and how they influence the decision making processes of individual tourists, business managers, planners etc and how these
decisions affect human welfare, economy and the environment etc.).

ii) Assess the effectiveness or efficiency of policies and management approaches.
Examine their effects on individual or group tourism experience (satisfaction or dissatisfaction, self-actualization or lower self-esteem, achievements or challenges cultural preservation or alteration, environmental conservation or degradation,
poverty alleviation or deprivation, inclusive or exclusive, employment or unemployment etc.).

iii) For each of the points under the broad components of the essay, describe what the
issue is by providing trends, characteristics or nature, be it positive or negative.
Explain how it occurs or happens (process, mechanism or approach), and highlight
the reasons why the issue occurs (rationale etc.), and examine the outcomes, effects,
implications or results.

iv) Is the leisure, recreation or tourism experience or activity successful or a failure,
why or why not? Explain potential obstacles and how to overcome them. BE

i) Recommend and defend viable solutions for managing the negative repercussions of
that tourism, recreation or leisure business, activity or experience. Also, offer
recommendations or alternative approaches where necessary. The preferred
solutions should be based on the issues raised in sections (2-3) above.

ii) Provide a summary of the key findings of the paper before the concluding remarks.

1. The paper must be typed, double-spaced, times new roman and 12-point font.
2. The length of the paper must be 6 pages of text, excluding illustrations and
3. At least 2 illustrations are required (e.g. tables, graphs, maps, diagrams). Each
illustration must be referenced, properly labeled and referred to in the text.
4. Include a title and use sub-headings to organize the essay.
5. Use correct grammar, spelling, sentences, tenses, vocabulary, paragraph
construction and punctuation. All pages must be numbered.
6. Indicate in LARGE TYPE on the title page of your paper, the number and complete
text of the question you are answering, the course number, instructor’s name, your
name and student number. Staple, do not bind your essay.

You must reference/cite all quotes, ideas, and illustrations that are not your own using both in-text citations and a bibliography. In-text citations appear directly in the essay to support your argument and indicate information sources. The scientific method is required (e.g. Smith 2010; Harris and Jones 2017, p. 3). In the bibliography section, lists in full reference all of the information sources you referenced within the text. Use the American Psychological Association (APA) referencing style for the bibliography at the end of the essay.

You must have a minimum of 6 references. Use journal articles, books, government publications, agency reports, technical reports (United Nations or World Bank, World Food and Agriculture Organization etc). Only 2 Internet sources are required. An Internet source may include, for example, “facts” listed on the Statistics Canada website). DO NOT USE Wikipedia, blocs, or web links that have no date of publication and agency or individual names associated with the piece, paper, or report. You are allowed to use e-books, electronic journals, government documents and research reports. You are required to use recent references and publications as much as possible (eg. 2010 to 2018). You may use one older article only if it refers to historical or past activities, events or decisions.

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