Transparent Leader Assignment Paper

Transparent Leader
Transparent Leader

Transparent Leader

Transparent Leader

Monique, one of your team members has expressed interest in becoming a project manager and wants to develop her leadership skills. She has asked you to be her mentor, which you were honored to accept. During one of your coaching sessions with Monique she asked you your opinion on the importance of being transparent as a leader in your communication. She mentioned that her previous manager on a different project shared with her the reason why most leaders are not transparent is because they believe they will be viewed as less authoritative; that the credentials they worked so hard to attain will lose their power, leverage, and gravity. There is a level of concern over communication differences and level of urgencies between senior stakeholders, sponsors and clients that may make it difficult to be transparent in a project manager’s communication with the team.

In a few paragraphs respond to the following questions:

Discuss the importance of being a transparent leader, and what it means to communicate transparent information. Provide at least two examples of when it could be difficult for a project manager to be transparent when communicating with the team or with clients, and include examples solutions to mitigate these problems. Make sure you defend your position and examples.

Your original discussion board posting should be 2-3 paragraphs in length (a minimum of 15 sentences). You are also required to cite at least two internal or external sources in your postings, formatted to APA standards. Avoid citing sources from Wikis, Wikipedia,, private company websites and other non-academic references


Critical Annotated Bibliography of Five Sources

Task: In this assignment you will write a list of at least 5 sources in alphabetical order in
APA format. In addition, each reference will be followed by a short analytical summary
of 150-200 words. At the end of the short summary, you will include a sentence or two
that critically analyzes the source and that mentions distinctive features about the article
and why it may or may not be useful for you in pursuing more research.
• Length: Each annotation should be 200-250 words.
• Format: APA
• Sources: Five sources, all of which you fill find through UMUC’s One Search
o All of your articles should be from scholarly journals or credible trade journals.
They should not be from popular journals.

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