Treatment Plan Assignment Paper Available

Treatment Plan Assignment
            Treatment Plan Assignment

Treatment Plan Assignment

Each Treatment Plan Assignment will contain two main sections, which will all be included in a SINGLE document that will be attached and then submitted via Blackboard.

SECTION 1. A brief summary of the case/individual you are writing about

SECTION 2. The Actual Assessment. The assessment will be broken down into seven INDIVIDUAL sections:

  1. Demographic Information
  2. Presenting Problem

III. Relevant History

  1. Symptoms
  2. Case Formulation
  3. DSM-IV Multiaxial Assessment (OR DSM-5 Equivalent)

Axis I: __________

Axis II: __________

Axis III: _________

Axis IV: _________

G.A.F.: _________

VII. Treatment Plan

NOTE: The treatment plan addresses immediate actions that need to be taken, along with specific goals. Treatment goals reflect what we know about the disorder and the recommended therapy. These goals range form immediate to long-term. Treatment goals also reflect the particular needs and concerns of the individual (ex. safety/hospitalization). The following will ALWAYS need to be addressed in your treatment plan:

1) How will the symptoms be managed?

2) Problematic behavior, thinking, and emotions

3) The stabilization of a client through medication (if needed),

4) How alterations in personality and relationships will be addressed

If ANY of these issues are not addressed in the treatment plan, it is INCOMPLETE. These issues (however you present them) MUST be included.

LENGTH OF ASSIGNMENT: The treatment plans will be as long as they need to be. However, all sections/areas need to be addressed. To address all sections/areas, one has to include quite a bit of information. If you have never written any form of treatment plans like this before, let me first say that most mental health facilities use SOME type of template/format…however, each facility is DIFFERENT, and will have their OWN standard of what is expected to be included in such a treatment plan. In this course, you are learning a basic approach; some facilities prefer very short, concise treatment plans, whereas some prefer the clinician to put in as much detailed information as they like. Please keep this in mind.

ALSO, for those first beginning to write these plans, this is a learning process. Each week in this course you will get better and better at writing these; be patient. At first you may have a lot of difficulty with these, but as you write a new one each week, your skills at composing such works will improve. Please strive to improve with each week, so that the assignment you submit for week 5 is a pristine work of accumulated knowledge of what you learned in here and from what you learned from the first four treatment plan assignments.


WHO WILL YOU BE CREATING TREATMENT PLANS FOR: Students may choose any of the individuals (from any of the chapters) discussed in the “Real Stories” sections of the textbook. Please read the “Real Stories” profile FIRST, then, if you prefer, go online and read more about the individuals; the more history and background you know about the person, the better. Then, and only then, once you have a thorough grasp of the person and their issues, begin the assignment.

HOW LONG WILL THE ASSIGNMENTS TAKE TO COMPLETE: It is advised to begin work on each treatment plan EARLY in the week. These are long, complicated assignments that involve a lot of PLANNING and WRITING. Attempting to complete the assignment in one or two days will not give you enough time. PLEASE begin work on these assignments EARLY IN THE WEEK.

PROOFREAD ALL WORK: Excessive spelling and grammar mistakes are NOT tolerated in the professional environment. Please be aware that these kinds of mistakes will lower your score; this is an advanced course and you are expected by this point to submit work that is proofread and mistake-free. “Proof-reading” involves YOU, NOT the computer! When you feel your assignment is complete, save it, print it, read it, then correct your mistakes. Then resave it, re-print it, and re-read it. Once it is mistake free, submit it.

QUESTIONS? If you have ANY questions about the treatment plan assignments, please send me an e-mail immediately and I WILL get back to you.

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