Tuskegee Experiment Research Paper

Tuskegee Experiment
Tuskegee Experiment

Tuskegee Experiment

Research Paper 1, ‘Tuskegee Experiment’: You may receive up to 15 points on test grades in exchange for a research paper at least 5 single spaced pages at most 10 pages with references (references are not a part of the page minimum) about the “Tuskegee Experiment.” The paper is to be about the facts and your opinion on those facts. Write about what happened, who it happened to, who was responsible for doing it, why it was done, where and when the events happened. Also write about the aftermath, are there still living victims, what laws have been enacted to ensure something like this does not happen again? Was it ethical or unethical, do the ends justify the means? List and briefly describe other instances of government funded injustice in the name of “science”. The optional paper is due by April 19, 2019. The research report should be in 12 point font in Arial or Times New Roman and the margins should not be larger than 1” (normal setting). You may include photos in an appendix at the back of the paper and referenced throughout the text with Figure #1, Figure #2, etc. but they are not a part of the 5 page minimum. References should also be in the text following a quoted or paraphrased section, for example, ”The spirochete Treponema Pallidum is the etiological agent causing Syphilis” (Tortura, Funke & Case, 2016, pp.658-659). These resources should also be included in the references section for example:

Tortora, G.J., Funke, B.R. & Case, C.L. (2016). Microbiology: An Introduction. (12 ed). London, United Kingdom. Pearson Education, Inc.

Finally, carefully edit your work ensuring to check your punctuation, grammar and capitalization where appropriate. Include in-text citations for anything you quote or paraphrase and follow APA 6.0 style formatting. The research paper will graded based on the above and following criteria: proper formatting, length of paper, inclusion of references and in text citations, inclusion of all of the required information, your demonstrated level of critical thinking and analysis

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