Types of Materials Are Used by These Artists

Types of Materials Are Used by These Artists The works that we are looking at right now are abstract. Using these works as examples, define what abstract is.

Types of Materials Are Used by These Artists
Types of Materials Are Used by These Artists

What do these works mean? If abstract works do not depict anything specific do they still derive meaning? Give several examples in your answer.

Scale plays an important role in the works we are looking at. What is the effect, give specific examples.

What types of materials are used by these artists? How does the material help tell the story of the art? Give examples.

What is the relationship of the works in this section to their respective sites? Give examples.

How does the background of the artists play into the work and what it is ultimately about? Give examples

Do these works involve beauty? Give examples

David Smith was a sculptor who died in the 1950’s. However his work has influenced many of the artists we are looking at during the next two weeks. What are some things that specific to smith that are similar in works featured this week? Give specific examples.

The article on Fletcher Benton references Russian constructivist painters Kandinski and Maleavich specifically. Benton’s work, along with several others owes a great debt to constructivism. Research Russian constructivism and relate the work of early constructivists to three of the artists we are currently looking at. Give specific examples.

Is it important to know what something is to appreciate it visually? Cite examples in your answer.

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