U.S. health insurance Quality Improvement

U.S. health insurance Quality Improvement
U.S. health insurance Quality Improvement

When it comes to U.S. health insurance Quality Improvement (and specifically using data to impact change), the Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) is one of the most popular measuring tools. Students can read more about it here:


For this scavenger, students should use their favorite web search tool to identify a recent news article (published within the last 6 months) that has HEDIS as a primary topic of discussion.

Next, the student should write a synopsis of the article. The synopsis should not be a point blank word for word copying of the article, but it should just include key points.
After the synopsis, the student should write their opinion on how the items discussed, in the article, impact patients now and moving into the future.
Finally, talk about why systems, such as HEDIS, are important.

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