Uber Case Study Report Assignment Paper

Uber Case Study Report
                      Uber Case Study Report

Uber Case Study Report


You are reporting as a member of the company’s external business consultant group to the Board of Directors. You have been ordered to advise on appropriate strategies.

This requires you to identify a current problem in an existing business, analyse the problem, provide solutions, evaluate those solutions and then offer recommendations to present to the business to help them improve the situation. You will need to undertake the following stages:

  1. Identify a business which is currently experiencing a problem. (uber, see the link)
  2. Research the causes and consequences of the problem the business is experiencing
  3. Come up with and describe at least three potential solutions to the problem and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each of these.
  1. Select the most appropriate solution or solutions. Provide a recommendation or recommendations to the Board of Directors to advise them and help them implement these solutions to help overcome the problem.

Using the literature

You will need to use sources for this, for example, company reports, business databases, business reports, academic business journal articles and text books. Please follow Harvard conventions when citing in text and writing a list of references.

Your case study is required to have the following subsections in the following order. Please use a numbering system for the subsections except the executive summary, the contents page and the reflective statement:

Executive Summary


  1. Problem identification and analysis
  2. Generation and evaluation of solutions
  3. Recommendations

List of references

Reflective statement

The aim is to write a case study report which analyses a current problem in a business, devises solutions to the problem, evaluates the solutions and from this draws recommendations.

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