Unsatisfactory Service Journal Assignment

Unsatisfactory Service Journal
      Unsatisfactory Service Journal

Unsatisfactory Service Journal

Objective: To become more critically aware of the service encounter from a customer’s standpoint- and to be able to evaluate service and service marketing (please try to pick companies within the U.S.A)
We all have a number of service encounters each week, including (but not limited to) restaurants, banks, airlines, dry cleaners, doctors, dentists, libraries, tutors, theaters, auto mechanics, insurance companies, etc. You are to develop one detailed ‘journal entry’ of a poor or unsatisfactory service encounter in the next few weeks and one ‘good’ or ‘adequate’ customer service experience. The purpose of this journal is to identify sources of customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction with services- and to truly analyze all elements of the service offering. You will be required to describe TWO such service encounters- on the attached form.

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