Upcoming event Essay Assignment Paper

Upcoming event
            Upcoming event

Upcoming event

You are to write 2-4 pages detailing an upcoming event at MVCC, a local community center, your church, or a similar location. Why is the event happening? Who is organizing it? Who may attend it? When is it? What is the event’s history? What have past responses to similar events been like? What other special information can you share about the event? You must avoid overwhelming the reader with facts while still giving as many relevant details as possible; your goal is to inform and entice.

Any background info you find necessary will require more involved research, so you must properly cite your sources both within the essay and on the Works Cited page. (I will not require citations for personal interviews or information gathered from community-based pamphlets, but any articles or books used must be cited. This excess research is not obligatory for this essay, but your extra effort at mastering MLA documentation will not go unnoticed!)

As before, please double-space your paper and type it in 12-point font, and include your name, the date, the assignment, the class name and time, and your title at the top of the essay.

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