Urban Design and Visual Diary and Historical Research

Urban Design and Visual Diary and Historical Research Select a city you consider of interest. Select within it, an area which you find representative of its character.

Urban Design and Visual Diary and Historical Research
Urban Design and Visual Diary and Historical Research

Identify a transect, that is a strip of land which moves through sections of city with different character.
Introduce the area selected with a 1500 words historical research. This is an referenced and annotated (Harvard style) research which frames the area within the city in which it sits, and describes its urban development through significant periods. The purpose of this section is to give a comprehensive historical overview explaining its form in the context of its cultural history. Take this section seriously; it sets the scene and paves the path to a good more personal evaluation later on.
Screenshot an area of around 60,000 sqm. Draft it up as a rough figure ground. Include street names, record any activity on the ground floor, and try and show entrances to residential functions as well. Take pictures walking along it, at around 10 mts distance; this will be the basis of your walk around.

Urban Design and Visual Diary and Historical Research Instructions

Your task is to draw a visual diary of this walk, using the table of Form and Place Making qualities as key issues to highlight in your description, to prompt comments, to discuss the features you encounter. How? It’s up to you: use any tool you like. I am expecting an illustrated urban design guide of the place of your choice. At the end of it, I want to know its qualities and character, in terms of uses, comfort, enclosure, building, colours, detail, people, obstacles, honing, buzz…or lack of! The place you chose can work, or not; its character can vary…remember that cities are wonderful because they are different, they offer change and surprise.
Edit this into an A5 pocket guide. Take pride in it; it should be well produced, assembled and presented. At the start, introduce your guide with a through description of the place you are writing about (you need to use biblio references -at least 5 -and a personal account; following that, you will present a visual annotated journal/diary. Pls note, annotations should be substantial, they should include your observations, your discoveries…

Urban Design and Visual Diary and Historical Research Bibliography

Start now with this task, one annotated sketch a day! You will notice your progress from start to completion of this task and be amazed at the speed and confidence you will acquire. Then keep this habit up!
Bibliography and list of images (attribute them to the source if not yours);
Each drawing, or image, needs to be of good quality, in its production AND editorship in the booklet. All drawings labelled and numbered in the essay.

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