US Government and US Airways Antitrust Merger

US Government and US Airways Antitrust Merger This antitrust merger case is between the US government (plaintiff) and the US Airways and American Airways (defendants). (Case 1:13-cv-01236-CKK) I am providing a total of 35 pages of amended complaint about this antitrust case.

US Government and US Airways Antitrust Merger
US Government and US Airways Antitrust Merger

Read the entire 35 pages, and answer the following 6 questions regarding this case.
When you answer questions, you MUST use the? Horizontal Merger Guidelines? for your quotations. You may also use? Handouts? for economic concepts, major antitrust acts, etc. I will upload the horizontal merger guidelines and handouts, as well as the case as an additional file. For each question, the answer
must be 2 pages long. Therefore the total length of the paper has to be 12 pages long.

US Government and US Airways Antitrust Merger Paper Format

The format is simple; write the first question then answer it, write the second question then answer it, write the third question then answer it, and so on.
QUESTION 1) Identify and analyze the relevant facts in chronological order of this antitrust case (Start with the oldest fact; this date this happened, and
then that date this happened, and so on. Do not bring new facts; use the facts provided in the case. You can use bullet point for this question).
QUESTION 2) Identify which antitrust law(s) allegedly violated in this antitrust case (For example; Clayton Act, Section 7. You may use handout 7 and handout 8 for the Clayton Act).
QUESTION 3) Identify the validity of the definition of the market for this antitrust case (Detailed market definition provided on the horizontal merger
guidelines from page 7 to page 15).
QUESTION 4) Using economic analysis of the relevant facts of this antitrust case for each of the antitrust law(s) allegedly violated, write a summary
judgment for this antitrust case (Write a summary judgment without choosing a side, neither plaintiff nor defendant, and be fair to both sides).
QUESTION 5) Suppose you are a lawyer, and you are opposing the summary judgment. Write a rebuttal for an appeal (Choose either the plaintiff side or the
defendant side, and write a rebuttal to the judgment. Use ?Per Se Rule? if you write a rebuttal for the plaintiff. Use? Rule of Reason? if you write a

rebuttal for the defendant. Refer handout 6 for definitions of the Per Se Rule and the Rule of Reason).
QUESTION 6) Identify the factors in this antitrust case that impede a decentralized market economy to organize economic activity (Explain why the merger of two airline companies cannot generate the efficient economic outcome).
NOTE: This antitrust case study must be plagiarism free, correctly spelled and punctuated, free of any grammatical errors, a total of 12 pages long (each
the answer has to be 2 pages long), double spaced, and MLA style.

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