Use of terrorism against society Essay Paper

Use of terrorism against society
Use of terrorism against society

Use of terrorism against society/United States efforts towards homeland security

You may choose any two of the following questions to answer. The responses should be no less than one page for each question.

  1. What is the difference between domestic and international terrorism? Which is the greater threat and why?
  2. How prevalent is the problem of school shootings and is it any worse than it was for previous generations? What efforts have been taken by schools local law enforcement to prevent and effectively respond to school shootings?
  3. Does the responsibility for the prevention of and response to terrorism rest solely with the government? What actions have been/can be taken by the private sector to aid in these efforts? What actions have been/can be taken by private citizens to aid in these efforts. What policies and/or laws have already been implemented to build a sense of collaboration in these efforts?
  4. Has the United States’ view towards domestic terrorism and international terrorism changed since 9/11? Has it evolved? How have the responsibilities and efforts of local law enforcement changed since 9/11 in an effort to combat terrorism? Why have these changes come about?

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