Using Action Research in the Real World

Using Action Research in the Real World Action research is a participatory process. In other words, it requires that you become involved in the problem-solving process and collaborate with others
in your system to derive answers to real-world problems.

Using Action Research in the Real World
Using Action Research in the Real World

As a professional counselor, you will encounter phenomena that have not been examined in the
professional literature. Because you will need to determine a manner in which to proceed, having the skills to implement participatory action research will
be essential.
Before facing this scenario in a real world setting, it could prove useful to develop a strategy for conducting action research related to a real or
hypothesized system or organizational problem. In this Discussion you generate ideas about conducting action research as it relates to professional
counseling, and you design the basic elements of an action research project.
With these thoughts in mind:
Write an example of how you would use action research in your counseling practice or setting. Then, describe the problem and the rationale for using action
research to address it. Be specific and include what you would want to “find” and how you would go about “finding” it.

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