Validity Poll Essay Paper Assignment

Validity Poll Essay
                      Validity Poll Essay

Validity Poll Essay

Locate a poll or a rating system on a website. You can find them almost anywhere, but you might try,,, Facebook polls, or the website for your favorite TV show. Pick a poll that has multiple questions to evaluate.

Use this one if you are having trouble finding one on a website:  Note that it asks the same questions in different formats to give you an idea of what would work best on a survey.

Then, answer the following questions:

1) Evaluate the wording of the survey questions: Is the wording clear or might it be confusing? Are any questions double-barreled? Do any contain double negatives? Are the response options meaningful and clear? (pp. 156-158 in your textbook) (2 points)

2) Next, evaluate the potential accuracy of the responses to this poll: are there response sets used in this poll? How can the website administering the poll ensure that the questions are answered accurately? Be specific and think critically! (pp. 160-164 in your textbook) (2 points)

3) Draft a response to someone who says, “This poll is definitely a good one, because hundreds of people responded to it!” Why is this statement inaccurate? [Jump to p. 196 in Chapter 7 to answer this question] (1 point)

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