Violence and bullying in school Essay Paper

Violence and bullying in school
Violence and bullying in school

Violence and bullying in school

What if violence and/or bullying could be stopped in our schools?

Assignment: You are to choose and analyze an essay/article that addresses school violence or bullying. After choosing an essay, you are then to write a 5-6 page critical analysis based on Toulmin logic in which you both support and refute the author’s claims on the issue.

In addition to the essay you are analyzing, you must synthesize factual, researched, documented sources into your paper with peer reviewed sources. These sources should

look at both sides of the issue and include evidence from both.

Your essay should meet the following Requirements:

  1. The essay should contain a thesis that states the writer’s stance on the issue and whether you agree or disagree with the claim.
  2. The essay should contain a full introduction with some background on the article/essay you Choose.
  3. The essay should contain a strong argument with support from at least five legitimate sources to substantiate your claim. Your original essay may count as one of those sources.
  4. Your essay should contain at least five in-text citations (one for each source).
  5. The essay should include all components of Toulmin logic: claim, grounds, warrant, backing, qualifiers, and rebuttals.
  6. The essay should contain a conclusion that sums up your stance and restates the thesis.
  7. The essay should be free of grammatical and spelling errors.
  8. The essay should be told from the third person point of view. You may have a tendency to want to use the first person point of view in this essay, but you can still incorporate your ideas and thoughts without overtly using I and me in the essay.
  9. You can address any subcategory within this topic, including, but not limited to school shootings, cyberbullying, violence, in-person bullying, or other issues that are facing high schools and colleges.
  10. The goal of this assignment is to gain support and/or refute the claim of the original source that you choose. This is an analysis, not an essay designed to solve the problem of school violence. Your goal is to simply take a stance on the original author’s claim and go after it.
  11. The essay should contain the name of the author and the article in the thesis statement, as well as your stance on it.

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