Visual thinking in art history Essay Paper

Visual thinking in art history
                        Visual thinking in art history

Visual thinking in art history

the original essay question:

How does visual thinking work? How do we go about to reconstruct the artist’s visual thinking?

Relate to Bagley, Loher, Pächt, and Picasso

Also it is a class about Chinese bronze, so talk a little about chinese bronze too about the topic of visual thinking of course.

related articles:

Francoise Gilot and Carlton Lake, Life with Picasso(New York: McGraw-Hill, 1964), pp. 115-22.
Paul Wilson, Chrome Dream: Automobile Styling Since 1893(Radnor, Penn.: Chilton Book, 1976), pp. 1-45.
Pächt, The Practice of Art History, pp. 19-70.
Bagley, Gombrich among the Egyptians, pp. 120-41 (“Shang Ritual Bronzes: Casting Technique and Vessel Design”).

Your job is to revise the essay, there are many grammar errors and some stuff are very hard to understand which are not really relevant to the topic of visual thinking. Fix those and add something relevant about the topic.

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