Weight Lifting Essay Paper Available

Weight Lifting
                 Weight Lifting

Weight Lifting

Formatting Instructions & Guidelines:

  1. Your name should be placed on the left-hand corner of the document.
  2. Use 12-point font, single-spaced, Times New Roman, with 1-inch borders on all sides.
  3. Essay should be 1.5-2 pages.
  4. References – Use American Psychological Association (APA) format

Content Instructions:

  1. Introduction – the introduction should include a brief summary of the specific movement or muscle(s) you will be analyzing
  2. Analysis – Discuss specific muscles and joints required to produce the movement, provide specific resistance training activities/programs that would maximize performance of the activity/event (be sure to consider exercise volume, i.e. sets, reps, frequency of training). Next, present the common sites of injuries (muscular and skeletal – joint, ligaments, menisci, etc) and conditioning activities you would choose to reduce the risk of injury and activities that would be performed to rehabilitate commonly observed injuries.
  3. Conclusions – What are your overall findings and conclusions for this activity?ring this syllabus for ALSDE review.

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