What do creative problem solvers do

What do creative problem solvers do
What do creative problem solvers do

What do creative problem solvers do

Reply to a discussion about: What do creative problem solvers do? Where does their creativity come from?

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Creative problem solvers, solve problems with very little but make a huge impact for others. Creative problem solving is the mental process of creating a solution for a problem. Creative problem solving is taught by learning creative thinking processes. Creativity consists of 3 components, motivation, expertise, and creative thinking. Creativity comes from influences of environment, tangible rewards, imagination, flexibility, skills, knowledge, and intellect (Creativity At Work, n.d.). Creative problem solving is a way to identify moments that have failed when using conventional thinking. It allows you to create new ideas and innovative solutions, that help you overcome challenges and reach your goals (Mind Tools, n.d.).

I want to create different businesses that will provide me and my family with a comfortable lifestyle. Once we are able to generate a profit, I want to create programs that lower poverty rates. I want everyone to have access to education. I will create vocational schools for children, so they already have a skill when they graduate high school. I want to help single mothers with child care so they can work or go to school. As a business owner I want to create leadership programs and provide financial assistance where needed. I want to create programs that will sustain the community and allow everyone to elevate. Maybe even donate towards housing opportunities for low income families. I believe everyone should have the opportunity to excel regardless of their environment or up bringing. I don’t look at myself as creative but as a problem solver. I know that I was tired of being stuck in a certain tax bracket. I want to create something that will allow me to live my life more abundantly to my personal standards, while blessing others.

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I feel as though creative problem solvers come up with solutions to problems that are innovative through creative thinking. They think “outside the box” when trying to find new approaches to solving a problem. Now I personally feel that this is something that is taught. You might have one or two people that can just look at something and come up with creativity ideas to spice things up. But for the most part, learning how to analyze and look at situations in different angles is something that is taught or learned through classes or study groups. For example, there are a lot of tools available that help you with creative problem solving that you can use whenever you are dealing with a problem or needing a creative solution. I would like to create something that helps locate those who are victims of human trafficking or abduction. It would be something that goes off something unique like the scent of that person that can’t be duplicated like their blood. It can help them It would be able to smell them no matter how far they are including overseas. You hear so much about this subject that you have to find more creative ways to find them. So, something that can track them down by the scent of their blood would be a unique contribution.

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