What is Beauty: Discussion Assignment

What is Beauty
What is Beauty

What is Beauty

Wk 4: Discuss 2

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Discussion Prompt: What is Beauty?

Before you begin this insightful discussion board, enjoy this short video, https://youtu.be/DqxfzFgOemM by Candace Rose Rardon, illustrated the beautiful sketches.

What do we consider to be beautiful? Does beauty have constancy or does the concept of beauty change depending on the time period? In the text, Lewis and Lewis describe the distortion seen in Botticelli’s Birth of Venus can sometimes create greater beauty. From a magazine, cut out 5 pictures of what you feel is considered beautiful today. Then turn to your textbook and select 5 items from the Renaissance (Chapter 14) that you feel were considered beautiful during that time. Compare the items from the Renaissance with the five contemporary items. What qualities do they share? What are the differences?

Once again, since we are a virtual classroom, photograph/scan your magazine pictures and upload to discussion board.

Assignment Instructions

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Grading Criteria

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Grading Criteria

Discuss (Discussion field can’t be blank).

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