White Collar Crime is a special crime

White Collar Crime is a special crime
White Collar Crime is a special crime

White Collar Crime is a special crime

The thesis is that “white collar crime is a special type of crime that requires a different response”


basically, this argument should talk about whether we as a society should have a different approach to white-collar crime and whether we need to consider the nature case by case of each of these crimes committed by example. Also discuss the responses from society, police, judicial systems, and the criminal justice system as a whole towards white collar crime and what approaches to stakeholders take and how they have done this over the past few years with cases.

Please mention non plagiarized and only educational sources of cases that can be applied to the upper thesis and description of the thesis.

Sources and examples should more likely by Canadian, English or US. and there must be at least 2 Canadian examples.

Please try to add some concepts and some white collar crime philosophers who talk about this.

This is a formal essay

It needs to have headings and subheadings

please do add a dummy cover page leaving space out for my name, title etc.

Please include everything in a very formal APA style

There should be clarity in all content.

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