Whole life assets plan Essay Paper Available

Whole life assets plan
             Whole life assets plan

Whole life assets plan

Write a report providing a fully justified Asset Management Strategy and outline asset plans for the Keythorpe local authority schools programme (4000 words)

Note: In order to carry out part B you need to look at resources outside the lectures. You are expected to consult ISO 55000 to understand the key concepts. There is an expectation that you will research the relevant strategy areas to develop your answer. You are advised to read the AAMCOG(2011), PAS55 and ISO 55000 guides. The report should be a coherent report and each section should not be treated in isolation. You must present a logical response. The key to this report is how you link client’s requirements (services/business) to the physical asset strategy and plans. Your reasoning and justification should be explicit. If you wish to include an appendix they must be no more than 1000 words.

All conventions with regard to referencing and citations must be followed. Tables, diagrams or pictures that do not directly contribute to the work should not be included.

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