Why Study the Media?;Research Paper Out

Why Study the Media?
Why Study the Media?

Why Study the Media?

Why Study the Media?

(1) Kim, Youna (2018) Media Consumption and Everyday Life in Asia. Introduction chapter.
OR Kim, Youna (2016) "Female Individualization?: Transnational Mobility and Media Consumption of Asian Women", Media, Culture & Society (e-
journal available at the AUP library) Vol. 32(1): 25-43
(2) Silverstone, Roger (1999) Why Study the Media? One chapter on "Dimensions of Experience" (7. Play, 8. Performance, or 9. Consumption).
(3) Bonini, Tiziano and Perrotta, Marta (2017) "On and Off the Air: Radio-listening Experiences in the San Vittore Prison", Media, Culture &
Society (e-journal available at the AUP library) Vol. 29(2): 179-193.
Choose one of the books or journals above
Write a review essay:
(1) What are the main arguments of the article? (300 words)
(2) What do you think about the article, its strength (150 words) and weakness (150 words)?
It has to be (1) Clarity of expression, (2) Imaginativeness, (3) Critical appraisal, (4) Depth of interpretation.

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