Why young people shouldn’t go to college

Why young people shouldn't go to college
Why young people shouldn’t go to college

Why young people shouldn’t go to college

Read and annotate/mark the text: “Why Young People Shouldn’t Go to College (At Least Right Away)”

Complete first page of the Rhetorical Situation Chart.Preview the document
Use it to write up your introduction paragraph=rhetorical situation. THEN, under it, list your answers to at least SIX of the questions listed on the “Questions to Ask for Rhetorical Analysis.

Preview the document” paper.
Introduction Paragraph: Identify for your reader (someone unfamiliar with the text) the rhetorical situation: exigence, context, writer (background), target audience (add some description of them), claim/message, purpose, genre (add title in quotation marks), and forum (in italics).

Analysis: With reference to specific passages (MUST pull passages/words from the article), answer at least six questions from the “Questions to Ask” worksheet.

Writing Project #2: Rhetorical Analysis Essay
This assignment asks you to write a 3-5 page rhetorical analysis essay about how effectively a writer presents and persuades his/her ideas to an audience.

In order to do this you will have to carefully read”Why Young People Shouldn’t Go to College (At Least Right Away)” (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.) and then analyze its rhetorical effectiveness from the perspective of the target audience.

You will establish an argument (thesis) that speaks to the writer’s effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) in the use of rhetorical appeals (logos, ethos, and pathos) to persuade a reader. NOTE: This essay does not ask you to agree or disagree or respond in other ways to the writer’s ideas. You are not to use first person pronouns (no “I”, “me”, or “my”).

A successful essay will include:
A well-developed introduction to the topic, a description of the rhetorical situation including title, genre (article), forum (name of the newspaper article is published in), author’s claim and purpose, author’s name/position, target audience, exigence, context
A strong thesis statement with “roadmap” for essay
Identification and explanation of appeals/devices the author makes to support his argument (with textual evidence)

Smooth integration of direct quotes from article
Analysis and discussion of how and why the author employs each appeal/device

Evaluation of the effectiveness/ineffectiveness each move related to target audience and purpose and, as a challenge, suggestion to improve a move/strengthen claim

Smooth transitioning and a strong structure connecting all of your ideas throughout the entire paper

Rhetorical Requirements:
Just as you are evaluating the rhetorical strategies the author is using, you will be employing rhetorical strategies of your own to convince your reader that your essay is well supported. To this end, please consider the following:

Audience: Write the paper as if addressing an educated reader unfamiliar with the text.

Evidence: Present and analyze specific examples from the text as evidence for your claims. Quotations and references from the text must be properly integrated.

Citation: Given that you are working with only one text and will have identified it’s bibliographic information in the introduction, no internal citation is needed. Include a works cited page listing in MLA format the bibliographic information of the article you selected

Structure: Have a clear thesis that signals your argument to the reader, and topic sentences that map out your organizational scheme. Use an effective structure that carefully guides the reader from one idea to the next. Pay careful attention to transitions between ideas and paragraphs.

Presentation: Edit your paper thoroughly so that sentences are readable and appropriate for an academic audience. Use proper MLA format for your essay.

Evaluation Rubric

Introduction mentions the author(s) and their background along with the title of the essay being analyzed, and includes a clear, accurate and complete analysis of the rhetorical situation (exigence, context, message/claim, purpose, target audience, genre, forum).

Clear thesis statement that serves as an effective roadmap for the analysis.

Writer thoroughly and accurately analyzes the use of:
logical appeal fully and effectively through the analytical lens of rhetorical strategies/fallacies the and/or emotional appeal fully and insightfully, especially with the intended audience and purpose in mind and/or ethos by considering not only their positional authority but also the elements of textual credibility and/or rhetorical devices (repetition, diction, punctuation, figurative language, visuals)

Writer includes specific and relevant textual evidence (quotes/paraphrases) throughout each body paragraph (integrating direct quotes)

Writer includes a well-considered conclusion that evaluates the arguments’ use of rhetorical appeals considering the rhetorical situation.
The analysis is organized clearly and logically.

The analysis is relatively free of grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors. The sentencing is clear and concise. MLA formatting is used correctly.

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