William Penn’s “Holy Experiment” Essay Paper

William Penn's "Holy Experiment"
William Penn’s “Holy Experiment”

What was William Penn’s “Holy Experiment” and how was it inspired?

Please answer the following question in three double spaced pages using Times New Roman 12 point font. DO NOT: (1) re-post the question (2) Put any names, dates or titles in the response. Please use any of the reading materials of the course up to this point to answer the question descriptively and analytically.

1. What was William Penn’s “Holy Experiment” and how was it inspired? Describe its successes, shortcomings, and how it helped to build the city of Philadelphia. HINT: Please use a combination of materials from modules discussed in the course up til this week. The best papers will probably have a thesis statement incorporated within the first paragraph of the response.

Write about what it was and describe how it played out
-how do you think his experiment was used to build Philadelphia
-What his experiment did ( analyze)
-His success and shortcomings
– Incorporate how his experiment paved the way for other religious groups in Philadelphia (use reading that will be attached)

Please use and try to incorporate text as much as possible

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