Womens Philanthropy Board Fall Luncheon

Womens Philanthropy Board Fall Luncheon critical analysis paper -Women’s Philanthropy Board Fall Luncheon to kick off yearlong commemoration of 50 Years of Integration at Auburn University the  speaker was Marybeth Gasman Students will evaluate a speech presentation according to content, organization, and delivery. i. Content: Are the facts accurate?

Womens Philanthropy Board Fall Luncheon
Womens Philanthropy Board Fall Luncheon

Yes the facts were very accurate and she talked a lot about statistics based on how African Americans give back to their university they graduated from and how they give in general to the church tithes offering and to their family members.Was the information relevant to the audience? Based on I was 1 out of 5 African American in the entire room i dont know you decide. ii.Organization: does the speaker have a clear intro and thesis? you can kinda make up some stuff. does the speaker follow a logical order? you can make up some stuff sound intelligent though.does the speech include a clear conclusion and restating the thesis? yes just
elaborate. iii.Delivery: does the speaker maintain good eye contact with the audience? yes she does that very well(elaborate) Does the speaker avoid
distracting mannerisms?make up something. Is the speaker voice loud enough?yes because she had a microphone.Are the visual aids used effectively? yes she
used power points (pictures,statistics,and facts). The speaker made a lot of jokes, she kept the audience entertain, she was clear and very understanding.
Thats pretty much the outline

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