Work with Diverse People and Discrimination Legislation

Work with Diverse People and Discrimination Legislation Order Instructions: Determine the legal and ethical factors that need to be considered regarding discrimination, human rights and rights and responsibilities of workers, employers, and clients. Explain the impact of these factors on individual workers and explain the likely consequences of:

Work with Diverse People and Discrimination Legislation
Work with Diverse People and Discrimination Legislation

Breaches of discrimination legislation
Infringement of human rights including the universal declaration of human rights
Not supporting client, worker and employer rights and responsibilities in the workplace.

Work with Diverse People and Discrimination Legislation Sample Answer

Work with Diverse People


Working with diverse people requires monitoring of involved activities using the law. Thus, this essay seeks to establish legal factors, along with ethical aspects that opt to be well thought-out as regards to discrimination, workers responsibility, employers’ rights, clients’ responsibilities, and human rights.

Task 1

Legal factors, along with ethical aspects for consideration

In employment, it is illegal to discriminate employees due to any form of disability they may be having. Additionally, all employees have the right to be offered reasonable accommodation and working place by their employer (Dezmar-Krainz 2015, pg 139). Notably, it is illegal to question a job applicant about being disabled, or subject the applicant to any form of medical examination in advance of making an offer for a job (Botha 2016).

Task 2 Work with Diverse People and Discrimination Legislation

Impact of Legal Factors Considered

  When employees get discriminated due to disability, they tend to develop anxiety and deep sadness which may result in depression and eating disorders (Dezmar-Krainz 2015, pg 142). Additionally, when job applicants get questioned for their disability or get subjected to medical examination, it results in the applicant developing guilt and feeling empty. However, when employees offer reasonable accommodation and working place for their employees, the employees feel more valued and hence become more productive in the workplace (Botha 2016).

Consequences of breach of discrimination laws

When an employer breaches discrimination laws, he/she is likely to be issued with a police caution before being taken to a court of law to answer charges (Potocan, and Nedelko 2014, pg 232).

Consequences of violation of human rights

Violation of human rights by employers may result in governmental declarations or philosophical musings (Botha 2016). Thus, an employer may be subjected to persecution.

Consequences of failing to support legal responsibilities at the workplace

Failing to support client rights may result in the business being subjected to government agency conducted audits, which may eventually result in fines (Potocan, and Nedelko 2014, pg 235). Furthermore, failing to support worker rights and employer rights may lead to lawsuits and dissolving of the business entirely.

Work with Diverse People and Discrimination Legislation Conclusion

The law is an important tool to consider when working with different people. Some actions may result in discrimination. Notably, discrimination has legal consequences, such as police cautions, court charges, and heavy fines. Furthermore, extreme cases of failing to adhere to the law may result in the dissolving of business entirely.

Work with Diverse People and Discrimination Legislation Reference List

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