Working conditions for workers Essay Paper

Working conditions for workers
        Working conditions for workers

Working conditions for workers

• Start with a related quote to draw the reader’s attention. Write your thesis sentence and explain in brief what you are about to examine further. Explain what is going to be discussed in more detail. Your arguments and position should be stated in your introduction.

Main Body:
• Discussion of the first point. Begin with the topic sentence and provide an explanation and the supporting evidences (facts, statistics, theories, reasons etc.) that can back up your views and opinions.
Write the concluding sentence of your paragraph and provide a linking phrase or word so that your writing has a logical flow.
• Discussion of the second point and support.
• Discussion of the third point and support.

• Summarize. You should mention your thesis and how your evidences support it. Provide an overall evaluation of the main points discussed and make a final statement. You should not mention any new knowledge in your conclusion.

Important Note:
Do not include any subtitles in your essays. Your writing should indicate each paragraph’s purpose so the words introduction, main body or conclusion should be avoided. Also you should avoid using numbers, bullets or any kind of points that divide your writing. Use of linking words and phrases for an easier flow is recommended.

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