Worldly Philosophers by Robert L Helibroner

Worldly Philosophers by Robert L Helibroner This essay will take a great deal of critical thinking.
Joseph Schumpeter and John Maynard Keynes were contemporaries; they not only knew of each other but respected one another as economists.

Worldly Philosophers by Robert L Helibroner
Worldly Philosophers by Robert L Helibroner

At first glance, Schumpeter and Keynes may appear to be speaking almost precisely the same economic “language” when it comes especially to their thoughts on economic development and the “engines” that drive it. In a 1983 Forbes Magazine article by Peter F. Drucker, however (commemorating the 100th anniversary of the two men’s births), Drucker describes Keynes’ and Schumpeter’s economic outlooks as quite significant. It reads as follows:
The differences between Schumpeter and Keynes go much deeper than economic theorems or political views. The two saw a different economic reality, were
concerned with different problems and defined “economics” quite differently. These differences are highly important to an understanding of today’s economic world.
Based upon your reading in Heibroner, as well as CREDIBLE outside sources, outline the differences in economic thought and theory you find between these two colossuses of the world of economics.
Four- to Five-Pages Typed Double-spaced in Times New Roman font

Worldly Philosophers by Robert L Helibroner Bibliography

The bibliography must be attached (Not counted in page total), MLA style
Attribution for all quotes and paraphrasing required
Outside sources (of an academic/professional nature) are welcomed—but must be placed in a bibliography and there must be attribution.

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