Wrongfully Convicted Essay Assignment

Wrongfully Convicted
            Wrongfully Convicted

Wrongfully Convicted

5 page of essay and a separate page for the sources


Write your name (as it appears in the class list) and student number on the line above.

Read the instructions completely, including the Academic Integrity Statement, before starting to answer.

Type your answers in this file, below the questions, adding pages as needed. Start each answer indicating the respective question. The file is set to double-spacing with standard margins. Do not change the page layout, line spacing, and font. Do not delete any part of this file.Use APA style to format your paper.

Write in clear and correct English. Use a dictionary and proof-read your work.

If there is anything in this assignment that you do not understand, ask me for clarification.

The activity is composed of three parts and each part has two questions. Each answer is worth 2 marks, for a total of 12. The grading weight of this activity is 12% of your final grade for the course.

Follow the submitting instructions in the Moodle activity, ACTIVITY 2 to upload and submit your file.  Be sure to click on Submit assignment when you are ready to submit.

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