A Project Russian and Soviet History

A Project Russian and Soviet History For this project, you can work on a theme and format of your choice (see the syllabus for options) to investigate a topic in the Russian and Soviet History between 1900-1990.

A Project Russian and Soviet History
A Project Russian and Soviet History

Limit/Focus your essay on a narrow period of time, no more than 20 years.
Topic: The effect of government on class struggle (Time period…not sure) If you are unable to find information on this topic you are welcome to change it and choose your own.
Please Include:
-A formal title that describes the central goal of your project (not just “History Proposal“), followed with dates of your period
-A paragraph with a preliminary description of your project as you plan now. Include some details about the individuals,
culture, politics, science, arts etc that you will investigate, and the historical context involved. Discuss how it relates to the course.
-A Bibliography separated into two sections.
a) Primary Sources:
List at least ONE Primary Source (a document or object produced by the people/during the time you are investigating. ***You
need to explain why this is a primary source and how you are going to use it.
b) Secondary Sources:
List at least TWO secondary sources that are scholarly historical articles or books about the topic. Discuss how these sources will help you to place the primary source in its historical context.
Here is a brief and useful webpage to help you format your citations:

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