Advanced pharmacology Research Paper

Advanced pharmacology
Advanced pharmacology

Advanced pharmacology

Mr. Hightower is a 52 year old male with a PMH Type 2 DM, Hyperlipidemia, and HTN. He is a new patient to your office stating he stopped his meds several
months ago and he cannot remember what he took in the past. His BP is 150/90. HR 88, RR 20 BMI 35. HGB A1C is 9.6, Total chol 225, LDLs 183, HDL 35. CBC,
CHem, LFTs are wnl. Discuss the focused pertinent physical exam for this patient as well as what further diagnostics are needed in providing evidenced based
care. What medications are important to start for this patient to treat his co-morbidities. Include the follow-up for this gentleman along with pertinent
diagnostics. needed at time of follow-up and written prescriptions to treat this gentleman’s HTN, hyperlipidemia, and Type 2 DM. References should be
evidenced based and include current guidelines for the treatment of his co-morbidities.
The midterm is a case study. You have information about a patient and then prescribe the appropriate medications and explain your rationale. You will need to use the literature to defend your care plan and medications changes. The case study references should have at least five evidenced based references from the past five years. The paper should have an opening paragraph that includes a statement about the purpose of this paper,as well as a closing paragraph.

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