Advantages and Inconvenience of Road Sharing

Advantages and Inconvenience of Road Sharing
Advantages and Inconvenience of Road Sharing

Advantages and Inconvenience of Road Sharing

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Write and essay about Road sharing between bicyclists and motorists, advantages and inconvenient. It should be elaborate using proper grammatical terms.


Advantages and Inconvenience of Road Sharing

Different countries and states have different laws pertaining to how cyclists and motorists should share roads to ensure safety. Both the cyclists as well as motorists have a right to use the roads to move from point A to B. This discussion investigates on the advantages and inconveniences of road sharing between the motorists and cyclists.

A number of advantages exist when bicyclists and motorists share the same road. One of them is that it helps to improve the level of maturity of the drivers and bicyclists as drivers and riders become more careful. The level of responsible driving is improved because drivers are required to drive safely putting into consideration the lives of riders (Commute 2014).  Therefore, a sense of responsibility tends to improve. Another advantage is that the cyclists get to enjoy their rights especially those that ride as a hobby as well those that use bicycles as means of their transport.  The level of pollution as a result of emissions from motorists reduce to some levels promoting a healthy environment.

On the other hand, sharing road between cyclists and motorists has a number of inconveniences. One of the inconveniences is increased conflict between the drivers and riders. It becomes a challenge for many riders and drivers specially when turning, and crossing roads and during traffic jams (Commute 2014). The rate of accidents are likely to increase as most of the times drivers disregard motorists. Some drivers have a mentality that cyclists are not supposed to use roads and this contributes to injuries and accidents. Furthermore, sharing of road between the motorists and bicyclists increase instances of traffic jams especially in urban centers. The motorists in such instances may end up spending more time on roads, which affects their productivity.

In conclusion, even though bicyclists and motorists are required to share roads, both must respect each other. The advantage of road sharing is that it improves the level of carefulness, which may help to reduce accidents as everyone becomes responsible. However, sharing roads causes inconveniences such as delays and increases risks of injuries and accidents


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