African Culture and American Culture

African Culture and American Culture Comparison/Contrast
Students are expected to produce an essay with a cohesive structural paradigm: each essay should consist of an introductory/thesis paragraph, several paragraphs of evidence, analysis of said evidence, and a concluding paragraph that effectively applies the premise of the essay to a larger context.

African Culture and American Culture
African Culture and American Culture

Each essay should fall in line with one of two schemas for producing a comparison/contrast essay–subject-based or point-by-point organization. The essay must conform to the standard requirements: 10 or 12 point font, double spacing, and 1" margins. The essay must be 3-5 pages in length and utilize at least two outside sources. Students are expected not only to provide outside evidence for their claims, but substantial analysis of this evidence. This analysis must in turn support the thesis through the evidence.

African Culture and American Culture Topic

The topic for this essay is to be chosen by each student according to his/her interest. Be sure to choose a topic that easily lends itself to a comparison/contrast format and thesis; we discussed the four types of claims in class. Remember, a thesis
can be as simple as X > Y, but that these sorts of assertions require substantial and detailed support in order to function properly. The more specific the thesis, the easier it will be to properly argue it!

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