Age Discrimination for Hiring Research Paper

Age Discrimination for Hiring Research Paper Structure:
The research paper should address the following headings:
Introduction: this section will introduce the topic, provide a description of what exactly you are proposing to research, what you hope to accomplish,
definitions of key words, and why the topic is important for criminal investigations.

Age Discrimination for Hiring Research Paper
Age Discrimination for Hiring Research Paper

Literature Review: What do we know about the topic? Has there been any research on the topic. If so what have been the findings. What are the issues relevant
to the topic? Have there been court decisions. If so, what have the decisions concluded?
Summary of major points: Briefly review the major points made.
Conclusions: Discuss the future, what more is needed, what needs to be done.

Age Discrimination for Hiring Research Paper Assignment Grading

Style: 25% of the grade will be granted based on adherence to style, quality of sentence structure, grammar, ease of reading, spelling and punctuation.
Content: 50% of the assignment grade will reflect the quality of the references, the completeness of the research and as to how comprehensive the review is.
Insight: 25% of the grade will be a function of the insight the student demonstrates in the treatment of the topic.
All references used must be cited on a separate page entitled "References". See aforementioned APA style for citing sources.

Age Discrimination for Hiring Research Paper APA Formatting

The face sheet of the paper should contain the title of your paper, an abstract of the paper (less than 100 words) and information on the author (you) name,
email address, major, and status (junior- senior etc.)
References should be generally from academic or technical sources. Avoid use of the textbook as a source for your term paper. Use articles from magazines and
newspapers sparingly. Time magazine or People are generally not seen as authoritative sources. Web sites can be used and cited. However, be judicious in
using websites for references. If you do use a website you must demonstrate that it is authoritative, not some dilettante. The APA style sheet will direct
you how to cite websites.

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