Analyzing Pro Marijuana Advertisement

Analyzing Pro Marijuana Advertisement Analyze primary sources and the messages they convey in written, visual, and/or audio media.

Analyzing Pro Marijuana Advertisement
Analyzing Pro Marijuana Advertisement

Explore and make claims about how the messages are conveyed.
Discuss to whom the messages are conveyed and speculate about the effectiveness of this message for a specific audience.
Develop a complex thesis that makes a claim about how a primary source communicates a message to a specific audience.

Analyzing Pro Marijuana Advertisement and the Evolving Thesis

Introduce complicating evidence and include what The Writer’s Companion terms an “evolving thesis”
Demonstrate awareness about your role in the conversation about your research question and thesis by acknowledging what is at stake in your analysis. In other words, explain why your analysis matters
Integrate secondary sources in a way that accounts for aspects of the academic conversation that are relevant to the paper’s thesis.
Include a title on the first page that reflects the complexity of the paper’s general purposes
Include proper in-text citations of each source consulted or referred to, including the primary source which you’re analyzing, and an appropriately formatted Works Cited page following MLA guidelines
Observe the standards of academic writing discussed in class and avoid sentence-level errors and lapses in tone. Produce fluid and precise prose with appropriate transitions throughout
Points to Keep in Mind:

Analyzing Pro Marijuana Advertisement Research Paper

In order to complete a sound Analytical Research Paper, you must engage with sources that will yield complex and compelling thesis claims when analyzed. You might consider these steps in order to get started on this assignment:
Revisit feedback provided for the PSA, Annotated Bibliography, and SSI, and think about how it connects to your notes from our conference.
Return to your Secondary Source Integration, which acts as the foundation for your final Analytical Research Paper.

Analyzing Pro Marijuana Advertisement and the Supported Evidence

How might your thesis need to evolve to account for the changes you anticipate making? Be sure that you have a complex thesis, supported by evidence.
Where else and how might you build upon what you have already written?
How could you reorganize your SSI for greater rhetorical effect?
If necessary, do additional research to find more primary or secondary evidence to further support and/or complicate your analytical claims.
Provide an introduction that leads naturally to your thesis.
Develop a conclusion that demonstrates the evolution of your paper.
Create an engaging title for your paper; do not title it “Analytical Research Paper”

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