Anpo Art X War and The Art of Resistance

Anpo Art X War and The Art of Resistance Examine one or two cultural productions that were created through the experience of the Anpo struggle in 1960.

Anpo Art X War and The Art of Resistance
Anpo Art X War and The Art of Resistance

What kinds of issues that the works you have
selected talk about and focus on? What aspect of the Anpo struggle or experience is expressed in those works? Things you might want to consider: Did Japan
gain true democracy after the war? What were the consequences of this political failure? Also, consider Japan’s political failure particularly in relation to
Japanese military dependency on the US.
If you want to explore more about the works and artists that were featured in the film, Anpo: Art X War: The Art of Resistance, you can find the information
on them on the official website of the film: You can start your research from there.

Anpo Art X War and The Art of Resistance Essay Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines:
Look for secondary sources to support your argument. For good secondary sources, use the JSTOR database. Use peer-reviewed journals and research.
Use MLA or Chicago for your citation.
Include a bibliography.
Put your name on the paper.
You should err on the side of caution, citing anything you consider beyond common knowledge. You must write this paper yourself. The UA Honor Code applies.

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