The Biogentics of Anthropology Assignment

The Biogentics of Anthropology
The Biogentics of Anthropology

I need (3) pages on the Biogentics of Anthropology. (3) pages on the Archaeology aspects of Anthropology. (2) On the Cultural aspect of Anthropology. (2) On
the Language aspect of Anthropology. Each section is about why the topic was of interest to ME, why did I reacted the way I did to the material and I must
look deeper into the topics from a course and personal informed perspective and reflect on the meaning of the information I selected from a renewed, personal and a course perspective. Please don’t describe, define or reiterate or quote from the book. It must clearly state why did I choose that topic and why did I react the why I did to the material. please use this book website, for some ideas, or you can get some ideas from the book called, Human Evolution and Culture by Ember, 2012, Pearson. Here are a few other sources where information can be obtained.
Silver Fox Domestication (Early Canid Domestication)

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