Diet Plan Coursework Assignment Available

Diet Plan
Diet Plan

Diet Plan

Analysing your diet
• To further develop computing and IT skills
• Understand and perform a 24 hour dietary analysis
• Assess the nutrient value of your diet in comparison the Reference Nutrient Intake (RNI)
• Further develop report writing skills (this report will be submitted as coursework)
Using Diet plan 6 and the instructions provided analyse a typical 24 hours food intake.
How much energy (kcal) does your diet provide? What percentage of the kcal comes from protein, fat, carbohydrate and alcohol. Find the amount in grams/mg that the following nutrients contribute to your diet: energy carbohydrate, fat, protein, alcohol, vitamin C and calcium? Compare your results to the RNI.

Writing up the report
The report should be written using the following guidelines:

  • Introduction
    Describe the reason for doing a dietary analysis and why it is important to get a balance of nutrients in the diet.
  • Methods
    In this instance simply state “See handout”
  • Results
    Draw up your own tables showing your intake compared to the RNI of the following nutrients:
    Energy (kcal), carbohydrate (g), protein (g), fat (g), alcohol (g), calcium (mg), vitamin C (mg).
    Also show how much each of the macronutrients contribute to your energy intake (%)
    Give your tables titles and write some explanatory text describing what they show.
    Do not put your Diet plan 6 printout here
  • Discussion
    Explain what your results show and what they mean. How do your results compare to the RNI? How can you improve your diet?
  • Conclusion
    Brief paragraph summarising your findings
  • References
    List the references you have used, in alphabetical order
  • Appendix
    You can put your Diet plan 6 print out here

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