Anti-nuclear movement Essay Assignment

Anti-nuclear movement
Anti-nuclear movement

Anti-nuclear movement

Speaking to a key social justice movement / issue of your choice

– Must include research beyond what is covered in the lectures/readings

– Required format:

Social justice grievance (what’s the injustice/problem)

Solution (what action is being taken with what goal

Call to action (what should be done, how can we support)

– Required length: 3 minutes

– You must submit the written text of your speech (point-form is ok) on Moodle by midnight on the day your speech is scheduled (subject to late penalty)

– Worth 10% of final mark

Length of speech (3 minutes or close)

Demonstrates Understanding of Issue

Articulate and Persuasive

Engaging delivery (eye contact, tone of voice, posture)

Proper application of format (speeches only)

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