Application of Organizational Change

Application of Organizational Change Write a Report (2000+) Application of Change Concepts and Theories to an Organization – a government organization that was recently merged with another similar/competitor – function organization. Considering the following rubrics:

Introduction of your organization -5%

Causes of Organizational Change -20%

Explain the Emotions of Change in employees when the change was implemented- 20%

Sensemaking process in Change 20%

Implementation of change 20%

Communication of change 20 %

Sustaining Change 15%

Application of Organizational Change
Application of Organizational Change

Community intervention study was carried out among two manufacture plants of a multinational chemical company in Shanghai during 2008 to 2009. Totally 246 employees in control group and 233 in intervention group were involved. The average age was (34.7 +/- 13.2) years old and (31.1 +/- 11.9) years old, respectively. Four stages of the theory of organizational change were implemented in the intervention group. 

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