Application Project on Salvation Assignment

Application Project on Salvation
Application Project on Salvation

Application Project on Salvation

One of the most important things about theology is that it should not become locked in an ivory tower, hidden away from those without academic training. The focus of this project will be helping communicate key theological ideas to those who do not understand them or see their relevance to daily life. You have the option to pursue this goal through one of two modes: you will EITHER
a) help prepare a group video that will the classical loci of theology (salvation) to those in the church, OR
b) prepare a series of application insights explaining the classical loci of salvation to those in the church.
Whether you are doing a) or b), you will start with a paper (part 1) and then do your choice (part 2).

Basic Requirements/Information:
– Each of you will a two-part project:
o Part 1. a 1500 word paper summarizing the theological topic AND
o Part 2. EITHER a video OR a 1500 word application paper.
– This Project is worth 180 points.

PART 1 ~ Paper:
Before preparing the video or application project, you will each individually prepare a ~1500 word summary of the key ideas about topic of theology (salvation) you focus on in Part 2 of the project, with sections explaining, among other things:
1) what are the main ideas and biblical verses that inform this area of theology, and
2) how the idea of the Trinity informs the topic.

• This is an academic paper so you should have citations to at least 4 academic sources (contemporary and historical—patristic, medieval, reformation). I highly recommend consulting key sources like Treier and Elwell, eds., Evangelical Dictionary of Theology, 3rd ed. (Baker 2017), as well as the course textbooks.
• You should follow the SBL/Chicago/Turabian style guidelines and include a bibliography.
• Don’t just explain the video or your application project, give a short paper about the theological topic.

PART 2 ~ Video/Application
While the first part of the project is an individual paper, you have the option in part 2 to participate in a group project (with the video) or an individual project (with the application).

Video Option:
You are encouraged to do this in groups of 3-4. The video should reflect these items/concerns:
• The video (posted to YouTube) should be 5-10 minutes long. Each additional minute past 10 minutes will lose 10 points per minute.
• Your intended audience is expected to have only minimal understanding of basic Christian ideas.
• The “essentials” of the area should be clear, though you can focus on an important aspect of the overall topic, addressing the non-essentials or heterodox views.
• The video should address why this topic is important and how it relates to the life of the church and to the world at large.
• The video should be interesting (not merely a lecture, as if you are repeating the lecture notes). To this end, you may integrate other video clips, though external content should not dominate and you should be aware of copyright issues.
• IDEAS: Interviews of Christians/non-Christians, animation with voice-over (e.g., PowToon), rap battle, slam poetry, subtitled parody using a foreign film clip, etc.

If you choose the video project, at the end of your paper you should assess the work of the other members of your group by assigning them an A, B, etc. according to their effort of participation in the video.

Application Option:
You will individually prepare a ~1500 word description of what it looks like to live out the reality of that doctrine, in addition to the part 1 paper. If you choose the application project, the total length will therefore be about 3000 words: Part 1 Paper (1500) + Part 2 Application (1500). The Part 2 write-up should have two sections:
1) You should develop at least 4 substantive examples of what it would look to live out that doctrine practically, so each practice should be about 250 words each. You should have at least one individual and at least one corporate practice. (Don’t ignore biblical and Trinitarian ideas.)
2) You should describe how you personally engaged in some of the practices that you described and how that helped you understand the doctrine which you were engaging. A minimum of 3 weeks of personal practice is necessary. While you will write the paper individually, you are especially encouraged experiment with these practices in groups (groups of students, in your local church, etc.).

To help your thinking, you might consider consulting works like these:
Beth Felker Jones, Practicing Christian Doctrine: An Introduction to Thinking and Living Theologically (Grand Rapids: Baker, 2014).
Mark Scandrette, Practicing the Way of Jesus: Life Together in the Kingdom of Love (Downers Grove, IVP, 2011).
Keith L. Johnson, Theology as Discipleship (Downers Grove, IVP, 2015).

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